Our team of client service representatives, warehouse staff, and regulatory managers ensure that each client’s product is stored and moved in a manner that conforms to FIFO/LIFO guideline.


Our comprehensive warehousing solutions provide the safety, security and specialized features you demand. We are extremely flexible and can tailor a customized program to suit your exact requirements.


Dominion Warehousing & Distribution has earned the trust of some of the giants in the specialty chemicals industry such as Dow, DuPont, Rohm and Haas and PPG.


We have decades of experience in storing and distributing electronic products. From small and delicate to large and expensive, we have the equipment and personnel required to handle your product safely.


Within the construction and industrial sectors we offer warehousing and specialized transportation delivery services for construction materials and industrial equipment to sites across Canada.

More and more retailers are including Dominion as a valued part of their supply chain

When our customers start talking about increasing product availability, reducing stock shortage and lowering the category logistics cost per unit… we’re all ears.

Retailers that operate a complex regional or nationwide distribution system have come to rely on our two hub system and extensive logistics network as a cost-effective alternative to establishing their own bricks and mortar operation.

We feel your pain and provide the remedy

Typical retail challenges include lengthy lead times and small replenishment orders, which translate into higher transportation costs. Dominion can assess, recommend and implement a variety of measures to immediately alleviate these type of costs by developing:

  • Warehousing and satellite support systems
  • Transportation management programs
  • Omni-channel logistics – direct to consumer and/or direct to store
  • Retail ready fulfillment
  • Flow through distribution (cross-dock, consolidation)
  • Kitting, display building, packaging
  • Store fixtures marshaling and reline management
  • Reverse logistics

We have the necessary facilities and resources

To be able to act as an effective outsource for retailers we have developed the necessary facilities and resources to handle their needs across Canada. With 2 million square feet of facilities in key gateway hubs across Canada we are able to provide:

  • Inventory management systems and visibility
  • Transportation management systems
  • Integrated systems connectivity
  • Labour flexibility configured to short term/rush requirements
  • Seasonal fluctuation management
  • Full performance accuracy
  • Channel security
  • Faster market response with reduced cost