Our team of client service representatives, warehouse staff, and regulatory managers ensure that each client’s product is stored and moved in a manner that conforms to FIFO/LIFO guideline.


Our comprehensive warehousing solutions provide the safety, security and specialized features you demand. We are extremely flexible and can tailor a customized program to suit your exact requirements.


Dominion Warehousing & Distribution has earned the trust of some of the giants in the specialty chemicals industry such as Dow, DuPont, Rohm and Haas and PPG.


We have decades of experience in storing and distributing electronic products. From small and delicate to large and expensive, we have the equipment and personnel required to handle your product safely.


Within the construction and industrial sectors we offer warehousing and specialized transportation delivery services for construction materials and industrial equipment to sites across Canada.

Our positive work environment promotes teamwork

Our employee turnover is far below industry standards and we reward hard work and dedication by promoting from within. All of our staff, from lift truck operators to senior management undergo regular reviews, re-certification, and skills training. We are currently operating at a 99.5% ISO quality rating in documents process compliance and customer satisfaction level.

Dominion’s quality program provides an ongoing measurement of our performance

Our 99.5% ISO rating is a testament to our ability to consistently deliver a quality service and our entire team’s commitment to strive for continuous improvement in each aspect of our operation.

Quality Management System

Dominion is registered to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The executive management team had considerable input from both customers and staff in developing a robust quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Model.

The quality system documentation is structured as follows:

Quality Management System Manual

(QMSM-9001-2002/A) Defines the outline structure of the quality system while serving as a permanent reference in the implementation and maintenance of the system.

Quality System Procedures (QSP)

Quality documents coordinating different activities and supporting the Quality Management System Manual (QMSM-9001-2002/A).

Work Instructions (WI)

Quality documents which define operational processes and ensure that the processes are approved, and under control by monitoring and analyzing measurable criteria.