Our team of client service representatives, warehouse staff, and regulatory managers ensure that each client’s product is stored and moved in a manner that conforms to FIFO/LIFO guideline.


Our comprehensive warehousing solutions provide the safety, security and specialized features you demand. We are extremely flexible and can tailor a customized program to suit your exact requirements.


Dominion Warehousing & Distribution has earned the trust of some of the giants in the specialty chemicals industry such as Dow, DuPont, Rohm and Haas and PPG.


We have decades of experience in storing and distributing electronic products. From small and delicate to large and expensive, we have the equipment and personnel required to handle your product safely.


Within the construction and industrial sectors we offer warehousing and specialized transportation delivery services for construction materials and industrial equipment to sites across Canada.

A milestone in Third Party Outsourcing

2015 marks 25 years of service to some of North America’s leading brands. Our vision has always been clear – to provide effective, integrated and secure warehousing and distribution programs for Canadian markets that both conform to our proven processes and allow for customization to specific customer requirements.

Adding sophistication to our personalized service offerings

We’ve been fortunate to expand our services and realize steady organic growth thanks to our long list of loyal clients and dedicated Dominion team members. We have invested heavily in facilities, human resources and technology solutions to better serve our clients.

Finding ways for companies to trim their warehousing and distribution costs (by outsourcing to us) is the fundamental reason for our success. We provide our services to a wide range of industries across Canada. These include but are not limited to:

Our relationships with customers have stood the test of time

Customers have come to trust our safe and secure warehouse environment with literally hundreds of millions of dollars of their valuable product. We nurture strong relationships with our clients and do our utmost to add value to every step of our customers’ supply chain.