Dominion Warehousing & Distribution Services Ltd. Celebrates 25 Years of Service and Growth

Dominion Warehousing & Distribution Services Ltd. marked their 25th Anniversary with the official opening of a new facility in Vancouver, their second distribution centre in Western Canada. This brings their Canadian warehousing capacity to over 2 million square feet.

Like many Canadian enterprises, Dominion started from humble beginnings. President and CEO, Bob Dineen states, “We grew slow and steady and were fortunate to have the loyalty of customers and dedication of employees to sustain us. I am extremely proud of the progress we’ve made and the 25 year milestone we can now celebrate.”

The foundation of third-party warehousing is fundamentally the same but the sophistication of the supply chain around it continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Real time communication is a must and after decades of limited use, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is now firmly entrenched as the communication standard. Dominion has been a leader in adopting new technologies and their facilities are home to North America’s leading brands. Mr. Dineen adds, “We’ve always taken a partnership approach with our customers and have developed solutions that manage costs and add efficiency in getting their products to market. We measure and review key performance metrics on a scheduled basis and continue to raise the bar as required by our clients.”

With 25 years in the industry, Dominion Warehousing & Distribution Services Ltd. has learned to successfully manage change. The commodities they handle are diverse and their secure facilities are designed specifically to safeguard against any possible cross contamination. These commodities include:

• Consumer and Commercial Goods
• Pharmaceuticals
• Food and Beverage
• Electronics and Appliances
• Specialty Chemicals
• Construction and Industrial Supplies

Mr. Dineen’s closing comments on their 25th Anniversary follow,

“I would like to take this time to thank all those who have contributed to our success and that continue as part of our family within our walls, as business partners and the hundreds of customers throughout Canada and the USA that continue to trust Dominion for their warehousing and distribution requirements.”

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